Why not just use machine translation?

Services like Google Translate are technological marvels, and can be incredibly useful when you’re travelling, but computers will never replace the thoughtful nuances of human translation. Language is far too messy! Human translators can comprehend context, tone, idiolects, localisation, and colloquialisms, and recognise the evolution of language much more naturally. Road signs and menus? Google Translate. Culturally conscious marketing campaigns and intricate legalese? Us!

How much do your translation services cost?

I work on a price-per-word basis — contact me to let me know more about your project, and I’ll be able to provide you with a free quote. I always aim to offer a highly competitive fee.

How long do your translation services take?

I accept time-sensitive projects and typically operate at a capacity of between 2,000 and 3,000 words per day. Turnaround time largely depends on the length of the target text.

Can you manage urgent requests?

As a full-time freelance translator, I strive to offer a very quick response time and translation turnaround, so if you have an urgent time-sensitive request, please do contact me. I request extra fees for project prioritisation, but let me know your budget and I’ll strive to keep my quote affordable for you!

Working with me

Competitive Rates

I will happily provide you with a free quote, simply get in touch with your requirements.

Quick Turnaround

Always accepting time-sensitive translation projects.

Qualified Translator

Ba (Hons) degree in French and half a decade of experience.

Contact me for a free bespoke quote — all projects are considered, regardless of size or industry!

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